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Griffith Plumbing is owned and operated by Martin (Marty) Griffith. Qualified as a plumber and drainer in 2006 and launching his own business in 2007, Marty, has been servicing the Sunshine Coast and Gympie region for over a decade and a half. 

Not only does Marty service the region, but he and his family live on acreage on the outskirts of town. With a vast background in rural plumbing, Marty’s knowledge and understanding of the requirements and complexities of a property when there’s no sewer or water connection available are second to none.

In addition to offering residential and small commercial plumbing services, Marty is an expert operator of his 1.8 tonne excavator. What does that mean for you? It means that when it comes to drainage work, Marty can do it all, saving you time and money, and meaning you only need to book one tradesman to complete your whole job. 

Tight access? No problem! With an expandable undercarriage we have the ability to get the excavator through openings only 1m wide, meaning access is possible through most gates without having to pull fences down.

Bigger job? Easy! We have access to a range of excavators and machinery up to 20T at short notice.

A picture of Martin (Marty) Griffith standing in front of his ute, with his excavator in the background.
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